Legal Information / Data Protection (Disclaimer)

Scope of applicability

This is the official application portal of Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV). We maintain this portal for the purposes of collecting insurance applications and requests for guarantees. It is also a means of communication between us and our customers.
SERV expressly reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to wholly or partially modify content, to delete it, or temporarily to refrain from publishing it.
By using the application portal, users consent to these terms and conditions.

Treatment of data

Data concerning natural persons, legal entities, and transactions relating to insurance policies, guarantees, or insurance commitments in principle that have been applied for or concluded enjoy the protection of official secrecy. Data are disclosed to third parties under the legal provisions applicable to SERV. Further information on the protection and disclosure of information and data concerning insurance transactions can be found here: Information on the disclosure of protected information on export and financing transactions by SERV to third parties. However, please be aware that general data collected from you concerning your company (address, main phone number, URL), your customers (foreign buyers), and financing banks are used for the autocomplete function on the application portal. This makes it easier for you when filling out forms for future applications and requests. This type of functionality means that such data are also accessible to other registered users. Several autocomplete options without reference to transactions that have been applied for, insured, or guaranteed have been predefined. The proposed entries thus do not display any information about existing customers, applications or requests, or the conclusion of insurance policies or guarantees. By using the website, you hereby consent to this. If you do not desire this and would not like your company data to be available for autocompletion, please notify SERV about this.

Data transmission via the Internet

Data is transferred to SERV via the Internet using an encrypted connection. Please be aware that the Internet is a medium that is accessible to everyone and is generally not considered to be a secure environment. It cannot be ruled out that data may be transferred to countries with a level of data protection lower than that in Switzerland, even where the sender and the recipient are located in Switzerland. For this reason, we assume no liability for the security of your data during transmission to SERV via the Internet.

Data protection

Based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation and provisions of federal data-protection law (Federal Act on Data Protection, FADP), every person has the right to privacy in their private life and to be protected against the misuse of their personal data. We comply with these provisions. Personal data are treated in strictest confidence and are neither sold nor disclosed to third parties.
Working closely together with our hosting providers, we make every effort to protect databases as well as possible against outside access, loss, misuse and falsification. For this purpose, SERV also takes suitable technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from other data processing not permitted by law.
When accessing our websites, the following data are stored in log files: IP address, data, time of day, browser request, and general information transmitted about the operating system of the respective browser. These usage data form the basis for anonymous statistical evaluation, and we use the trends that are discernible in order to be able to make corresponding improvements to our offers.


Although SERV pays very diligent attention to the accuracy of published information, no liability can be assumed for whether such information is substantively accurate, precise, up to date, reliable, or complete.
Liability claims against SERV are precluded for damages of a material or immaterial nature that are incurred through access, use, or non-use of information published on this website, through misuse of the connection, through unauthorised access to personal data by third parties or through technical disruptions.
References and links to third-party websites are outside of SERV’s sphere of responsibility. No responsibility whatsoever is assumed for such websites. Users access and use such websites at their own risk.